10X Thinking

Free innovation tools

At 10X Thinkingwe are sure that collective building is the way.      That is why we provide organizations with this library of  resources that we apply in our innovation processes. 

Guide to sources o information: 

Every organization must   connect information from its environment. One of the aspects that make these data search processes more efficient is to have the most  relevant sources. This guide includes sites that contain  information of interest to organizations. 

Planning, interviewing an observation:

The success of a conversation with clients or relevant  stakeholders of a project  during the information search stage is to correctly plan the  line of conversation. This  guide allows to define the  routes of dialogue with the  teams to be interviewed. 

Innovation radar: 

This tool is used to analyze the company’s innovation strategy, allowing us to understand where it focuses its innovation efforts and the intensity with which it works in each of the approaches. 

Pitch guide: 

It is a tool that allows structuring a conversation effectively around a business concept. Use this tool to structure conversational moments around a pitch.