Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence

Establish challenges and mechanisms that mobilize your organization towards exponential growth. 

The competitive intelligence and surveillance system allow strategic decisions to be taken to respond to a business need or opportunity.

Methodology of the technological surveillance and competitive intelligence system

The  surveillance an competitive intelligence system is built from five thematic blocks which are accompanied by a team of expert consultants from 10X Thinking and allow strategic decisions to be taken to respond to a bussiness need or opportunity. The blocks mentioned above contain activities for the priorization of gaming arenas, construction of processes for the flow of information, delimitation of the search and intelligence process and articulation with other company processes.

It is a system developed tailored to the needs or requirements of each company therefore generating a report of findings that meets the established challenges. 

 The competitive intelligence process can be a capacity installed in your organization through the surveillance training

What is your organization looking for?

Technological exploration  

Analysis of competitors’ offerings, new products/services, technologies, among others.  


 Stakeholder mapping 

Document with suppliers that meet the requirements established by the client (characteristics, products, services, among others). 

Technological micro-culture 

Technical report on the technological patterns of one or several companies. 

Technology Benchmarking 

 Technical report with the development of topics of strategic interest, for example: trend analysis, market and business competitive environment (new business models, services, logistics, value chain, among others).   

Technological surveillance 

A report that includes strategic information that allows different scenarios to be considered for decision making.  

Successful cases

Vigilancia tecnológica

Identify trends in a representative number of economic sectors in order to take action on new business opportunities.

Caso de emprendimiento corporativo

Identify the alternatives currently implemented as substitutes for plastic and the ways to reduce its use in packaging. 

Clients that carry out technological surveillance and competitive intelligence 

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