Innovation system

Implementing an innovation system allows companies generate, capture, prioritize and implement new and better ideas that strengthen the core of the company. 

What is a innovation system?

An innovation system is the interrelated set of elementsprocesses, and tools of the organization which leveraged by roles, resources and goals, allows generating the necessary value to grow steadily.

From this innovation systemcompanies learn to apply methodologies and techniques that reduce the risks associated with innovationallowing them to effectively allocate resourcesincrease the probability of success in the market and generate an impact on the economic growth of their businesses.  

At 10X Thinking we help innovation leaders, senior management, boards of directors and managers to create innovation strategies and systems that allow them to define the way in which the different processes that help to develop innovation in the organization are articulated; and make innovation a sustainable process. 


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Generating better ideas that strengthen the core of the organization 

Make innovation a sustainable process 

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