Corporate entrepreneurship

Implement a system of disruptive innovation for the recurring creation of new sources of income through processes of creation, maturation and incubation of business initiatives. Corporate entrepreneurship. 

What is corporate entrepreneurship?

Corporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship consists of developing new ideas, within the company, in order to incrase the growth of the organization and develop strategies that promote innovationand the competitiveness of tour bussiness. 

  • It consists of taking advantage of the abilities of the collaborators to generate and renew internal processes and procedures or for  the development of new products and services that add value. 
  • It allows companies to take advantage of the opportunities generated by the new normal, win new business and grow exponentially. 

Who is it addressed to?

Companies with the need to specify their initiatives and take advantage of the opportunities of the new normal who are loojing for an alternative adjusted to their needs that allows them to create bussiness opportunities beyond the usual limits of the company.

With 10X Thinkingcompanies will be able to generate corporate ventures in a systematic way, since we have a method focused on the results and on the transfer of innovation abilities to the organization. 

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Creation of at least one new potential business for the organization. 

Take advantage of the   opportunities generated by    the market and grow exponentially. 

Innovation system for recurring generation of new sources of income. Installed capacity in the company for the creation of new businesses.

The top management of the organizationsIts partnersboards of directorspresidents and managers are constantly faced with the enormous challenge of innovating to achieve outstanding bussiness growth without neglecting the current bussiness.  

One of the mechanisms to face this challenge is the design and development of new products, services and new businesses in the vicinity of the current core, seen here as a continuous process that allows the boards of directors to permanently have new reinvestment options of your profits and senior management to build the future. 

The design and development of new products and services uses a combination of innovation management philosophies, prospective strategic thinkingdesign thinking and a systemic approach with diverse methods and techniques such as “design thinking”, “lean startup” ”And“ agile methodologies ” which together make up a growth engine for organizations. 

The process of corporate entrepreneurship consists of three major phases, the development or maduration of initiatives an their incubation, acceleration is a subsequent process for scaling up. There is an expert 10X Thinking consultant who leads multidisciplinary teams to develope capacity whithin an organization and generate opportunities or new bussiness for the reinvestment of profits.

Methodology - Corporate entrepreneurship.




What did the companies that generated a corporate venture achieve with 10X Thinking?

Caso de emprendimiento corporativo

B altman

  • Generation of 3 new businesses for the company.
  • International supply of its own products. 


Creation of 2 new business units. 

Caso de emprendimiento corporativo


Generation of 4 new sources of income. 

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At 10X Thinking we bet on competitivness through innovation and generation of new sources of income. We contribute with the specialized accompaniment of companies in order to develop and implement strategic projects that exceed their expectations.

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