Innovation services

At 10X Thinking we accompany and develop the innovation capabilities of organizations that seek to achieve results beyond their limits. Get to know our innovation services. 

Innovation services

What is your organization looking for


Implementa sistemas de innovación y portafolios de ideas que impulsen el crecimiento exponencial  a través de retos y mecanismos que movilicen tu organización.

Inspire services:

Idea Portfolio  See

Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence  See

System and innovation strategy See


Implement innovation systems that maximize and improve revenues associated with your organization’s core businesses. 

Strengthen services:

Business excellence or continous innovation See

Sostenibilility  See

Hackaton  See


Desing innovation models that will allow your organization to generate new and better sources of revenue. 

Explore services:

Corporate entrepreurship – new bussiness See

Startup studio  See

Digital Business Lab See

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At 10X Thinking we help Innovation Leaders, Senior Management, boards of Directors and Managers to make the necessary strategic definitions and generate the foundations that activate their innovation systems.  

Strategic thinking with a high capacity for visioning, challenging the organization and setting goals where current resources and knowledge are not sufficient, leads to breaking the status quo and gives real space for innovation to emerge. 

INSPIRE is for Senior Management to: 

  • Define what they want. 
  • Say what they are going to do. 
  • Do what they say.

What is your organization looking for? 

Idea Portfolio 

Feasibility assessment of ideas for the generation of new businesses, new products and services or process enhancement.  See service

Surveillance and competitive intelligence: 

It allows making strategic decisions to respond to a business need or opportunity.  See service

Innovation system and strategy: 

Achieve the results proposed by the organizational strategy.  See service

At 10X Thinking, we design and transfer innovation models that allow organizations to develop new and better sources of revenue through disruptive (outside the box) innovation. 

We build multidisciplinary work teams capable of exploring, developing and implementing new offers and businesses outside the core. Companies acquire the ability to generate corporate entrepreneurship on a recurring basis. 

The implementation of this category of services allows the company to create new business options or build rapid digital prototypes  to expose them to the marketMake an appointment and learn about the business model alternatives that can be implemented in your company. 

What is your organization looking for? 

New businesses: 

Implement a disruptive innovation system for the recurring creation of new sources of income. See service

Startup Studio:

Create viable new business options quickly and effectively.  See service

Digital business lab

Build fast digital prototypes for market exposure in open or controlled environments.  See service

At 10X Thinking, we implement innovation systems that maximize and enhance the revenues associated with the core business of each organization. Companies must build the future without neglecting the core of their operation.

For this reason, Strengthen is a mandatory strategy in any innovation matter, promoting collaborators to permanently support change within the organization. 

What is your organization looking for? 

Continuous innovation or business excellence:

Increase productivity, generate higher profitability and have greater efficiency in the placement process. See service


Implement sustainable strategies and solutions based on innovation.  See service


Develop a digital prototype that meets an organizational challenge. See service

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