10X Thinking SAS BIC, consulting firm in innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.

We have developed a portfolio of services that  includes consulting on growth  strategiesdevelopment  and installation of innovation  capabilities through innovation systemscorporate entrepreneurshipoperational excellencetechnological surveillance and portfolio management  of ScienceTechnology and  innovation projects.  

Since 2013 we have developed a methodological approach recognizing that any organization can grow exponentially when its leaders believe it  and are willing to pay the price of being innovative.

10X Thinking accompanies and develops the innovation capabilities of organizations that seek to achieve results beyond their limits. 

With this philosophywe guarantee to our clients that the teams deployed to meet their needs have well internalized the method to be implemented and represent our corporate values.   

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Implement innovation systems and idea portfolios that drive exponential growth through challenges and mechanisms that mobilize your organization.

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Ideas portfolio (See)

Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence  (See)

Systems and innovation strategy  (See)


Implement innovation systems that maximize and improve the income associated with the core businesses of your organization.


 Strengthen services:

Business excellence  (See)

Sustainability  (See)

Hackaton  (See)


Design innovation models that allow your organization to generate new and better sources of income


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Corporate Entrepreneurship – New Business (See)

Startup studio  (See)

Digital Business Lab (See)

We have engaged more than  580 managers and boardmembers  in the allocation  of resources  for the implementation of innovation processes that strengthen the core and explore the evolution of its sources  of income.

In addition, in the last year we have involved more than hieving their mobilization 1,200 employees achieving their mobilization in activities associated with the innovation system of their companiescounting on signed agreements for the allocation of resources and time.