Continuous innovation

Implement a continuous innovation system for the recurring generation of projects that improve processes from efficiency, increased productivity, the generation of savings and reduced costs, allowing an increase in profitability or improving operational cash flow.


Increased profitability of products and/or services.

Impact on cash flow through reduced costs or savings.

Increased productivity and operational efficiency of the organization.


The process consists of 5 large stages: in each stage, there is a consulting team of 10X Thinking that guides the teams of the different processes through tools of continuous innovation and business excellence, with the goal of developing the organizational capacity to generate recurring projects that increase productivity, generate savings and/or reduce costs. 






Companies that implemented continuous innovation

Innovación continua


  •  Increased placement by 39.76%, from June to July.
  • Total savings of $9,875,137.80 in the month of July.

  • Increase in the internal customer satisfaction. 

  • Creation of a new project. 

Innovación continua

Cueros Vélez

  •           Improvement, restructuring and reduction of production process cycles.

  •          Increased productivity (3,685 hours saved) 

  •         70 initiatives generated and around 13 implemented.

  •        Effective annual savings generated. 

Innovación continua


  • Get a budget to continue the implementation of a new project within the company. 
  • EMCALI, with the start of this project, will be able to change the value offer to its customers and improve the perception of the organization. 
  • Reduction in the number of copper cable failure reports; as of December 31, 2020.  

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