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At 10X Thinkingwe are sure that collective construction is the  wayFor this reasonwe make this library available to organizations with free innovation tools that we apply in our innovation processes.

herramientas de innovación gratis

Innovation tools for download 

Each phase of the innovation process requires a series of records and tools that  cumulatively  reduce  uncertainty as information  is captured problem and  business hypotheses are validated, and the viability of a new  product  and service is determinedThat is  why we  have made  available to entrepreneurs  and innovation leaders a package of free tools that allow them  to apply their innovation processes with their respective  work teams in the  different phases of the generation of a new business. 

Herramienta 10X Thinking

Information sources guide:

Make your data search processes much more efficient with this guide. 

Planning interview and observation:

It delimits the routes of dialogue with the teams to be interviewed in the information search stages.

Innovation radar:

Establish different innovation approaches to achieve strategic results in your organization. 

Pitch técnica de presentación

Pitch guide:

Structure a conversation effectively around a business concept. 

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