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New business

Implement a system of disruptive innovation for the recurring creation of new sources of income through processes of creation, maturation and incubation of business initiatives. Corporate entrepreneurship. 


Creation of at least one new potential business for the organization. 

 Exponential growth. 

Innovation system for recurring generation of new sources of income. 


The corporate entrepreneurship process consists of 3 main phases: the generation of opportunities, the development or maturation of the initiatives and their incubation. Acceleration is a subsequent process for scaling. A 10X Thinking expert consultant leads multidisciplinary teams to develop the capabilities within an organization and generate opportunities or new businesses for the reinvestment of profits. 




What did the companies that acquired this service achieve?

  • Generation of 3 new businesses for the company. 
  • International supply of its own products. 
  • Creation of 2 new business units. 
  • Generation of 4 new sources of income. 

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