10X Thinking

Learning platform

Real-world evolution with projects that are developed from a digital environment. 

Develop training for work teams on a flexible platform that allows you to track the activities and progress of your collaborators.  

Xlearn is a  versatile tool that allows   members of the Innovation Systems   program: 

Access the contents before, during, and after the program, organize team meetings, work collaboratively, follow up and traceability on the platform, attend virtual sessions via streaming and have permanent access to knowledge. 

Companies currently using Xlearn

What can I find at Xlearn?

Xlearn has key features, as it is specially developed for the remote training of work teams with the aim of developing business innovation projects. 

Our tool is deployed to strengthen the innovation consulting processes having as a principle the pragma over the dogma, the appropriation from the action and the development of human talent. 

Flexible Platform:  

Xlearn allows it to be enhanced,adapted,    transformed and customizedenabling    customized developments that facilitate    users to apply knowledge and create    innovation projects.  

Step-by-step training:

The platform allows to keep control over the consumption of content to follow up on the implementation of the innovation system. Additionally, it allows the generation of reports, statistics and real-time data on the interactions, advances and progress of the participants.  

For all types of learning styles: 

Learning module content made up of presentations, videos, interactive content, collaborative activities, learning through gamification, tools and others. 

Multiple evolving tools:

Interactive, self-manageable content, enriched with multiple examples, cases and tools, which allows to complement and deepen the knowledge delivered by the consultancy. This is in addition to the possibility of 24/7 access for constant progress. 

Play seriously: 

Gamification is an essential part of our learning and training processes, as it allows us to make knowledge appropriate in a fun way and get immediate feedback. 

Focus on innovation:

In the process, there are tools that are applied for the generation of products, services, processes and/or new business models, which are the intellectual property of 10X, but available to the participants. 

 Active Collaboration: 

Our platform links collaborative tools to implement and progress on projects. Several users work on the same template during and after knowledge transfer sessions. 

Ongoing monitoring: 

Repositories, tasks and commitments uploaded by companies can be available to analyze progress, provide feedback and comply wth program deliverables. 

  Our platform has a learning by doing pedagogical model, which is why it has multiple activities, resources and tools for the development of innovation capacity. 

Our room for workshops, conferences, Webinar and streaming: 

Our rooms are customizable, we have our own server that allows us to have 500 users at a time and extend up to 1000 with guaranteed support, it also allows a highly dynamic interaction. 

Interaction for attention: 

Surveys allow interaction with participants to keep them active and identify which users are present, how much they participate, manage to identify the level of knowledge appropriation and feedback on the responses obtained in real time. 

Measure to improve: 

Statistics are generated by each of the participants, which can be analyzed later to make decisions for improvement and adjustments in the learning process, thus ensuring progress.