10X Thinking


Establish challenges and mechanisms that mobilize your organization towards exponential growth. 

At 10X Thinking, we have worked with more than 400 companies throughout Colombia, developing innovation skills in more than 3,500 employees.


We help innovation leaders, senior management, boards of directors and managers to make the necessary strategic definitions and build the foundations that activate their innovation systems. 

Strategic thinking with a high capacity for vision, challenging the organization and setting goals where current resources and knowledge are not sufficient, leads to breaking the status quo and gives real space for innovation to emerge. 


What is your organization looking for?

Definition of MEGA 

Mobilize the company towards far-reaching strategic objectives. 


Build a vision of the future to anticipate changes in the environment and make strategic decisions. 

Technology surveillance and competitive intelligence 

Make strategic decisions through the identification of structured and organized information. 

Technology roadmaps 

Reach new, higher value-added markets through different technological routes. 

Business challenges

Create solutions adapted to the needs of the organization based on the challenges posed by senior management. 

Innovation models and strategy 

Achieve the results proposed by the organizational strategy through the design of the innovation model. 

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