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Technological surveillance

The surveillance training is developed under the mixed modality, with digital content and live consulting, with 10X Thinking expert consultants, in four (4) stages to address the different topics. The training is provided to the teams designated by the organization: intelligence, R&D or product and service development teams. 

Make strategic decisions to respond to a need and/or support a business opportunity. 


Technological exploration 

Analysis of competitors’ offerings, new products/services, technologies, among others.  

 Stakeholder mapping 

Document with suppliers that meet the requirements established by the client (characteristics, products, services, among others). 

Technological micro-culture

Technical report on the technological patterns of one or several companies. 

Technology Benchmarking 

Technical report with the development of topics of strategic interest, for example: trend analysis, market and business competitive environment (new business models, services, logistics, value chain, among others).   

Technological surveillance

A report that includes strategic information that allows different scenarios to be considered for decision making.   



During these times, meetings can be held to present progress and validate results by the 10X Thinking team of expert consultants. 

Definition of scope and exploration focus

Information search and structuring

Delivery of technical report and presentation of findings

Successful cases

Identify trends in a representative number of economic sectors in order to take action on new business opportunities. 

Identify the alternatives currently implemented as substitutes for plastic and the ways to reduce its use in packaging. 


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