Successful innovation cases

At 10X Thinking we bet on competitiveness through innovation and generation of new sources of income. We contribute with the specialized accompaniment of companies in order to develop and implement strategic projects that exceed their expectations.

Here are some successful innovation cases, created with the support of 10X Thinking.

Successful innovation cases – corporate entrepreneurship

The implementation of an innovation process with an emphasis on building the future is about developing the ability of an organization to  become a serial entrepreneurthat is, training to be able to simultaneously explore and execute business  growth  and expansion projects without neglecting business currentLearn about successful innovation cases from those companies that have bet on  building the future with the support of 10X Thinking. 

Casos de innovación

eSportsPlay - Grupo Réditos

Grupo Réditos commitment to eSports in Colombia, to serve new markets that leverage the corporate strategy of the portfolio of products and services

Casos de innovación

Royal Academy of Coffee - Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

Learn how 100% Colombian coffee is produced through the free education platform

Casos de innovación

Traddi - Seguridad Atlas

Business portal that allows you to manage the money collected more quickly, efficiently and safely. In addition, it enables payments to suppliers in a centralized way with the money collected.

Casos de innovación

Crealance - Casa Editorial El Tiempo

Digital platform that connects companies and freelancers, for the generation of valuable content without incurring high costs.

Estudio A - Alumina

It was born with the purpose of offering construction professionals a comprehensive support solution for the conceptualization, consulting, engineering, design and development of architectural enclosures.

Casos de innovación

Tutti - Tronex

Digital platform that connects shopkeepers and their suppliers, so that there is always the necessary supply.

National and regional impact projects

We invite you to know those government programs in which various companies throughout the country received training and advice from the consulting firm 10X Thinkingadopting and applying concepts and tools in different components of innovationgenerating successful innovation cases at the level national that we present below

casos de innovación exitosos
Casos de innovación


MEGAI is a program of iNNpulsa Colombia in alliance with MinComercio and MinTIC. It is a corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation program for medium and large  companies throughout the country, in which companies identify their strategy and portfolio of innovation initiativesroutes of action and structure at least (2) effective  innovation projects  in business through  the application of the «learning – doing» technique. 

Casos de innovación

Cámara de comercio de Cali

Provided specialized advice to 35 companies  (medium and large) in Valle del Cauca in innovation services and implementation of  prototypes and / or innovation projects. 

Casos de innovación

Cámara de comercio de Bucaramanga

Directed 15 companies from Bucaramanga and the Metropolitan Area to develop capacities  in the key components that drive business  innovation for the creation and / or consolidation of innovation systems. 

Casos de innovación

Cámara de comercio de Cúcuta

Program aimed at ten companies in Cúcuta that, for 6 months, worked on the design  of their innovation system; This program sought to mobilize and strengthen the commitment of companies to invest in innovation as part of their business growth strategy. 


Casos de innovación


Program of the Ministry of Commerce,  Industry and Tourism and iNNpulsa Colombia,  which joins the efforts of entrepreneurs  to make their 2021 strategic projects a realityconnecting 400 companies with 25 entities of  the innovation ecosystem to leverage and  accelerate strategic projects. 


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