10X Thinking

Innovation Cases

At 10XThinking, we have methodologies and tools that allow us to consolidate business ambidextrousness from the strategic alignment of innovation, ensuring concrete results in the short term without overlooking the long-term construction.   

These are the stories of our clients. 


Why do clients prefer us?

We challenge the established business future 

We achieve concrete results in a short time frame 

We focus on knowledge transfer within  organizations 

We are made of stories

Artificial intelligence in the textile sector. 

Along with the innovation team of Crystal S.A.S., we developed a growth opportunity based on artificial intelligence.

Innovative projects to meet customer needs. 

How we helped Caja de Compensación Familiar de Caldas (Family Allowance of Caldas) develop three initiatives aimed at target audiences to transform their reality. 

Corporate entrepreneurship as an income diversifier. 

With Tronex, we were able to establish processes for analyzing environmental signals and taking advantage of the results to build businesses. 


Innovation Seminars 

Annual program that has allowed us to bring innovation to the entire region and its citizens, regardless of their level of study or occupation.   

Our organization designed and implemented the program for 4 years, impacting more than 2,000 people in the city of Medellín. 


Gran Pacto por la Innovación (Great Pact for Innovation)Ruta N and Colciencias 

Development of a methodological and technical tool to diagnose, categorize and define an action plan to close the gaps of the companies participating in the Pact for Innovation.  

Currently, this platform is in possession of the Colombian cities that have joined this great challenge. 

Open Innovation

Design and development of the leading digital platform for innovation knowledge transfer from the city of Medellin to the world, with more than 10,000 people trained. 

Open Innovation

We consider open innovation as a tool that strengthens the innovation systems of companies, and that should be used strategically according to the level of maturity and specific needs of each organization. 

We approach the use of this tool in all or only some of the stages of the innovation cycle. We understand the power of the tool from the creation to the implementation of projects. 

In this open innovation environment, we identify knowledge leaders at national and international level, and we help to make open innovation wheels where we articulate university, business and state. 


  • Installation of the technological surveillance system of the Internal Audit Vice Presidency (IADVP). 
  • Specialized continuous training in innovation and technological development (VAI). 
  • Attraction of resources from the science, technology and innovation ecosystem. 


  • Implementation of an Operational Excellence  Management System. 
  • Strengthening of innovation capabilities. 
  • Attraction of resources from the science,  technology and innovation ecosystem. 

Grupo Nutresa

  • Implementation of Colcafé and Doria Food Products’ foresight 2035. 
  • Strategic support in the conception of the BENET and EVOK businesses with business modelling, technological and market opportunity surveillance, and global sourcing for product development. 
  • Business Modelling Training at Abimar Foods USA. 
  • Consolidation of innovation capabilities in:  Meals de Colombia, Negocio Cárnico, Noel, Colcafé. 
  • Design, modeling and activation of Grupo Nutresa’s technological surveillance system. 

Grupo Sura  

Our team has been proud to support all Grupo Sura companies in areas such as: 

  • Consolidation of innovation capabilities. 
  • Training in innovation and technological development. 
  • Participation in special projects in all its units. 
  • Permanent Surveillance and Intelligence Services. 

Ruta N

  • Methodological and conceptual design and development of the  digital platform Pacto por la Innovación, which is now used nationwide. 
  • Design and execution of innovation seminars for  4 years. 
  • Design and development of digital content  to develop skills and competencies to initiate, consolidate and manage innovative products and services in projects for the company and community. 
  • Team in charge of technological monitoring  and the platform for creative and cultural entrepreneurship. 

iNNpulsa Colombia

  • Design and implementation of the corporate entrepreneurship program MEGA EMPRENDEDORES 2015 – 2017 (12 companies nationwide). 
  • Design and implementation of the corporate entrepreneurship program MEGA INNOVADORES 2018 – 2020 (90 companies nationwide), building more than 100 innovation systems and developing the ability of entrepreneur ambidexterity in organizations. 
  • Training in Business Pitch at Heroes Fest Boyacá 2017 to entrepreneurs of the investment challenge. 
  • Leaders of the Boot Camp for entrepreneurs of the Heroes Fest Cali 2018. 

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Accompaniment in the deployment of the platform A2censo, training and preparation of investors and entrepreneurs for the use of crowdfunding. 

Cámara de Comercio de Bucaramanga

Design and setting-up of the InnSpire program, implementing innovation systems through the in-process innovation of 17 companies in the department. 

Cámara de Comercio de Cali

Implementation of the Innovation Systems program that seeks to generate capacity in 35 companies in the Valle del Cauca through the creation and/or consolidation of innovation management systems. 

Fenalco Antioquia

Accompaniment in the development of new businesses. 

Grupo Atlas

  • Creation of a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) in business. 
  • Consultancy on the implementation of its innovation and corporate entrepreneurship system for the development of new businesses. 

Fundación Socya

  • Accompaniment to leaders and strengthening of strategic planning. 
  • Development of projects for the consolidation of new businesses and implementation of its innovation system and corporate entrepreneurship. 

Grupo Carval

  • Creation of a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). 
  • Development of projects for the consolidation of new businesses and implementation of its innovation system and corporate entrepreneurship. 

Grupo Familia

  • Creation of technological roadmap and Ansoff Matrix. 
  • Development of projects for the consolidation of new businesses and implementation of its innovation system and corporate entrepreneurship.