10X Thinking


10X Thinking SAS BIC

We have more than 7 years of deep and applied knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship, integrating a team of consultants with advanced studies in innovation and management experience in the business world.

In addition, we share the interest of Minciencias and the Capital District to  make innovation systems a reality that can impact the reality of companies,  that is, to have a real impact on the generation of income and profits in a sustainable way. 

“At 10X, innovation consulting is not an opportunity or accidental business, it is our core and that is why, unlike the common industry model, our staff is on-site, 100% dedicated to developing and implementing 10X methodologies.” 

Having implemented multiple innovation systems, the Mega Entrepreneurs program, the MEGA Innovators program, the Innspire program, the Cali 2020 Innovation Systems (in progress), among others, has confirmed the effectiveness of the methodologies applied, which have evolved permanently and are updated considering the context in which they are implemented. 

We recognize that our clients sincerely place in our hands their business development desires, they open their dreams in front of us. Therefore, and because of the respect that this deserves; at 10X, innovation consulting is not an opportunity or accidental business, it is our core and that is why, unlike the common model of the industry, our staff is 100% dedicated to developing and implementing 10X methodologies. 

This philosophy guarantees our clients that the teams we provide to meet their needs are well versed in   the method to be implemented and represent our corporate values.

Our team has the knowledge, experience and flexibility required to work in the different regions of the country, understanding their context and dynamism. We have implemented interventions in companies of different industries, geographic regions and sizes, managing to understand the urgencies and the way innovation solves them. 

We also recognize that COVID-19 “stopped the planet” and brought all company strategies to a standstill, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to designing tools for companies to activate innovation processes that accelerate their evolution and define their actions in the “new normal”. 

We have engaged more than 580 managers and board members in allocating resources for the implementation of innovation processes that strengthen the core and explore the evolution of their revenue streams. 

In addition, we have involved in the last year more than 1,200 employees in the last year, mobilizing them in activities associated with the innovation system of their companies, with signed agreements for the allocation of resources and time.