4 skills that will boost corporate entrepreneurship in your organization

Características de un intraemprendedor

Nowadays, talking about adapting to changes, evolving and growing has become a trend in business blogs and social networks, but where can we start? How about we start by betting on corporate entrepreneurship in our organization through an organizational culture that motivates employees to develop new ideas that will make your business grow and exceed expectations.

In various interventions of 10X Thinking, characteristics that accelerate the creation of corporate ventures in organizations are proposed, among them, promoting a culture of innovation that allows employees to propose new ways of generating income from their knowledge, skills and sense of belonging by the organization.

To immerse you in the exciting world of corporate entrepreneurship, we will talk about four key skills that can be identified and promoted among employees to lead and implement an innovative culture in the company.

1. Watch for any movement and keep your eyes open

See beyond the obvious, what others fail to identify, generate ideas and identify solutions to the pain of the organization.

2. Let the energy of the team shine

It is not just about looking for new opportunities, we seek to promote new ways of doing things and promote the ability to work as a team and lead to venture into new scenarios that challenge the organization and provide the expected results.

3. Mind in the clouds and feet on the ground

Think of solutions outside the box, dream, create and visualize; make your ideas materialize from the knowledge of the environment and the business.

4. Network and create connections

Intrapreneurship, in addition to providing spaces to connect the team and generate new ideas, looks abroad for knowledge networks and ecosystem actors that allow it to accelerate growth and see new business perspectives.

We can find these characteristics in any organization, it is our mission to identify those people with leadership attitudes, with the skills described above, who work as issuers and channels of innovation for the entire team.

Likewise, promoting spaces for the generation of ideas, so that collaborators think of new ways of doing things, new scenarios and future challenges will allow us to take a step towards transformation and the possibility of actively responding to threats from the environment and market changes; corporate entrepreneurship is a great opportunity for all organizations. Do you dare to undertake? Tell us what other skills you could enhance in your company…


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