Know the 5 most common myths about innovation

Innovation and corporate entrepreneurship

What is innovation?

There are many definitions around this concept, however, they all point to the link with the human being, their desire for survival and their instinct for progress.  

Innovation is a process that, at present, represents the engine of transformation for companies within a dynamic and competitive market, however, it is necessary to identify the myths that are created around this concept and how we can best apply it manner. 

Learn about 5 myths about innovation...

In the constant search for the definition of innovation, a large number of situations and contexts can be evidenced that can help to find a more appropriate meaning, however, in order to make the process much simpler, it is necessary to clarify what is not innovation 


«Innovation is creativity«: although creativity allows planting a small seed to develop innovation, this only goes as far as the generation of ideas. Innovation necessarily implies the implementation of these. 

Idea generation and implementation


«Innovation is research, development and technology»: technologies and scientific results are tools or means that allow the development of innovation and reach a specific end, however, not every innovation process requires it; it all depends on the context and the type of innovation we want to develop. 

Technological tools


«Innovation is the responsibility of only a few»: it is very common for the task of innovating to be delegated to only a group of people within the organization, to only the innovation area, however, the results will only be reflected through the collaborative and articulated effort of the entire company. 



«Innovation is the product of luck«: one can come to think that innovation is the product of chance, where some win and others lose, but it is a completely manageable process that requires stages, processes and tools to reach the expected results.

Manageable process


«Inventing is equal to innovating»: regardless of how flashy and creative the inventions are, this does not mean that they will be successful and adopted by the market; innovation implies generating a change in people’s lives or routine, either by solving an existing need or exceeding their expectations. 

Invention and creativity

Although there are infinite definitions of innovation, the difference is in how it will be applied in your organization, for this reason, it is necessary to investigate what your company, the market and, above all, your audience requires and make of this process something manageable that allows you to overcome the big problems and challenges that arise every day. 

And, in your company, how do you define innovation? Tell us what definitions you have heard and how would you like to implement it in your organization? 

Now that you know what innovation is not

Are you ready to develop the innovative culture of your organization?

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