How to develop innovative DNA in your organization?

Although the innovation process in the organization is complex and it becomes increasingly difficult to carry it out due to time, budget and other factors that make it up, the challenge lies in the organization’s willingness to make this process part of the organizational culture.

It is at this point that we must think of innovation as the tool that helps us move forward and adapt to market changes; this is where questions such as how to innovate arise? How can we be more innovative people? How can we enhance our innovative DNA?

Put your innovative DNA to the test with these 5 skills

Innovative DNA is found in all members of the organization, however, it consists of some skills that must be constantly developed and exercised. Christensen and some authors mention in their book, «The Innovative DNA», 5 skills of an innovative person:

In the process we will always have the need for more information, and the best way to get it is to get out of your comfort zone and ask yourself, What if…? Why do it? Think of different alternatives to do things.
Analyzing actions, behaviors and reactions that occur frequently, from observation, helps us to identify spaces to innovate, it is at this point where this ability becomes a crucial element for the process.
To collaborate
A good innovative exercise implies the ability to work as a team and articulate to achieve the goal. Customers, suppliers, allies and even co-workers are an inexhaustible source of resources to make business ideas come true.
To experience
This is the moment when it is necessary to have a phase that allows us to analyze, measure and test the possible effects that the business idea may have; An innovator does everything possible to obtain the necessary evidence, through trial and error, for the innovation initiative to be successful.
Ideas are always connected, the complex thing is to associate them in the best possible way; This is where the challenge of an innovative person lies. How to relate ideas to find the best solution?

In conclusion...

To strengthen the innovative DNA of your organization, it is important to know the human capital you have, their skills and abilities, however, it is necessary to have the willingness and time to develop them.


When you form the work team to carry out your business idea, make sure that each member has skills or traits different from yours, people who complement the innovative DNA of the organization.

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