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Corporate entrepreneurship:

Key to Business Transformation.

10X Thinking is a reference in innovation because:

We believe that every company has a different need. We adapt our services and combine synergies with the DNA of organizations to achieve customized results. 

We transform habits

Extensive experience in all sectors.

We explore different industries

Extensive experience in all sectors.

We connect with the ecosystem

We leverage institutions that promote innovation.

We achieve results

We prioritize pragma over dogma.

We challenge organizations

We drive the generation of new business opportunities.

We promote Organizational Ambidexterity

Boosting current business and exploring new opportunities.

Generate new business opportunities through:

Innovation Models and Strategy

Achieving the results proposed by the organizational strategy through the design of the innovation model.

Resource Attraction

Identifying the portfolio of science, technology and innovation projects that the organization can leverage to capture resources from the ecosystem.

Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence

We assist in making strategic decisions through the identification of structured and organized information.

MEGA Definition

We mobilize the company towards far-reaching strategic objectives.

Innovation Systems

Capturing, prioritizing and implementing new ideas that strengthen the core business of the company.

Corporate Venturing

Working on the capacity to explore and develop new sources of income.

Experience in your industry

Successful business cases

Projects generated in MEGAi  

Learn about the business opportunities generated in the MEGAe program (2017) of iNNpulsa Colombia with the support of 10X Thinking. 

Top companies in innovation

We highlight our clients’ commitment to innovation by being part of the Top 30 innovative companies in the country, according to ANDI and Dinero magazine. 


Innovation in management processes: Colanta

Article from the magazine E Colanta, which describes the experience of the creation process of new business opportunities in the organization. 

At 10X Thinking, we have worked with more than 400 companies throughout Colombia, developing innovation skills in more than 3,500 employees.

We provide innovators with the toolsguidance and knowledge to help organizations drive the way they innovate. 

Our stories

Caso InspiraMED

“No es solo dar ejemplo, el reto es ser el ejemplo”, estas son palabras de uno de nuestros

Free innovation tools

Guía fuentes de información:

Every organization must connect information from its environment.One of the aspects thatmakes these data search processes more  efficient is to have the most relevant sources. This guide includes sites  that contain information of  interest to organizations.

Planninginterviewing  and observation:
The success of a conversation   with  clients or relevant    stakeholders    of a project during the    information search stage is   to correctly plan   the line of conversation.   This guide allows to define     the    routes of dialogue with     the    teams to be interviewed. 

Innovation radar: 
This tool is used to analyze the company’s innovation strategy, allowing us to understand where it focuses its innovation efforts and the intensity with which it works in each of the approaches .

Pitch guide:
It is a tool that allows structuring a conversation effectively around a business concept. Use this tool to structure conversational moments around a pitch. 

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